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Download & Print Forms for Your Financial Consultation

Salyzyn & Associates Limited can help you tackle your debt and take back control of your financial issues. Upon arriving for your free initial consultation, we ask that you complete preliminary documents which will help us assess your situation. We recommend that you either plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to your appointment or print the forms below and complete them at home to bring to your consultation.

IMPORTANT: In order to fill out the Preliminary Interview Form and Confidential Application Form electronically, please download and save the forms to your computer. Then fill out the forms. Once filled out you can attach the forms to an email and send them directly to Salyzyn & Associates Limited. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Preliminary Interview Form

Please fill out this form before arriving to your free initial consultation.

Confidential Application Form

Please fill out this form if you have already met with one of our trustees and need a new copy of the full application package.

Monthly Budget Form or Monthly Budget – Excel
Please fill out this form or the Excel sheet if you are a debtor in need of a copy of the Income and Expense statement.

Simplified Monthly Income Statement

Please fill out this form if you would like to use a more simplified Income and Expense statement during your bankruptcy.

Debt Quiz – See If You Need Debt Help
Take the debt quiz to see if you require debt counselling or insolvency counselling to consolidate your debt or manage your finances. If you answer “yes” to any one of the following questions, we recommend you consider seeking financial help.

  • Are you making only minimum payments on your credit cards?
  • Are you having difficulty paying your monthly bills regularly and on time?
  • Are you using your overdraft most months?
  • Are you using credit cards to pay for everyday expenses?
  • Are you uncertain how much money you owe?
  • Are you charging more each month than you pay on credit?
  • Are you getting calls from collectors wanting payments?
  • Are you over your borrowing limit on credit cards, overdrafts, or lines of credit?
  • Are you arguing with family members due to money problems?
  • Are you being garnished by a creditor?

If you need help with your financial situation, turn to Salyzyn & Associates Limited for counselling. We have offices in Dartmouth, Bedford, Kentville and Enfield (non-resident) and serve clients throughout Greater Halifax, the Annapolis Valley, and Nova Scotia.

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