Enjoy March Break Without Breaking the Bank

If you are like most parents, you’ve had the March Break dates circled on your family calendar since the start of the school year. That doesn’t necessarily mean however that you have something planned in advance. Last minute planning can often mean paying through the nose for travel deals. With so many Canadians living pay cheque to pay cheque, it’s getting more difficult to come up with necessary cash to keep the kiddies happy during the week break. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the break while not breaking the bank.

1. Find a Camp

Camps not only give kids something to do for the week but parents get a receipt which may be used to claim up to $500 towards the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit on their income tax return.

2. Research Last Minute Deals

Last minute travel deals can be found on the internet but it does require a bit of time, compromise and luck. While you may love to stay at a 4 star resort with direct flights to your destination, taking the long way around and staying at a 3 star may suffice if all that really matters to you is a beach and sun.

3. Vacation at the Right Time

It may sound counterintuitive but taking a longer vacation may actually save you money. Short getaways have become the norm. A number of resort chains, tour operators and hotels offer discounts to those who stay longer. Weekend to weekend travel is most popular. Mid- week flights may be a cheaper option if your dates are flexible.

4. Plan a March Break “Staycation”

If finances are really tight, staying home is not the end of the world. There are plenty of free and fun activities to do here. Get outdoors! Have a family sledding night. Skate the Emera Oval. Check out the free activities at the New Halifax Library.

While we would all love to get a break from Old Man Winter, it may be a lot easier (and cheaper) to turn up the thermostat, grab that Hawaiian t-shirt from the closet, throw on some reggae music and make your own party at home. And remember, don’t be jealous of the neighbours who flew south, their visa bill will be awaiting their return.

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